Episode 10

Published on:

22nd Nov 2023

Fruit babes, whiny babies, demon summoning, and Rule 34

Alexx and Erik ejaculate all over the rest of season three in this blockbuster of an episode! We do quick coverage of these episodes:

  • S3E22 "Paper Pete"
  • S3E23 "Another Way"
  • S3E24 "Ghost Princess"

But then they dive into full coverage of:

  • S3E25 "Dad's Dungeon"
  • S3E26 "Incendium"

Explore some family history and get introduced to Finn's new love interest: Flame Princess!

Don't forget to check out the links for this episode; they're excellent! We will see you soon for season 4!

Check out these links!

Check out these links!

Mentioned in this episode:

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